Niktak Automative Industry

Automative Industries

In a constantly changing market, automotive suppliers looking for more flexible and controllable transportation and logistics expenses which brings greater challenges to their global supply chain. At NIKTAK, we put decades of logistics experience into our Automotive industry service, helping our customers overcome the challenges of on-demand production.

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Vehicle logistics

You need specialized delivery equipment and the most efficient route to enhance your market value; our warehousing and logistics solution as well as transportation solution strengthen your customers’ value chains, and support your manufacturing processes. As NIKTAK we synchronize personal solutions and reduce costs while you improve your product quality.

CKD/SKD Operations

Auto parts in complete or semi knockdown (CKD/SKD) condition are often used in car manufacturing, especially to reach developing markets and to optimize production fees. As NIKTAK with years of experience and expertise in automotive industry logistics we understand that no two companies are the same, therefore we take a flexible approach that will address your individual requirements.