Niktak Specialized Transport

Specialized Transport

NIKTAK offers extensive solutions of specialized transport that are designed for your industry-specific needs. Our teams can organize delivery in compliance with the required rules and regulations. These transportation solutions and expertise are complemented by our cross-dock and storage services as well as client’s loading preferences and capabilities. Our aim is to add value for our customers, helping them gain a competitive advantage.

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Heavy Lift Transport

In cooperation with our partners worldwide, NIKTAK is capable of undertaking large scale shipments like oil and petrochemical industry projects, heavy lift logistics, mining, mills and machinery projects as well as chattering ships and services like Semisubmersible heavy lift vessels, dock vessels, semi-submersible barges, floating cranes, tugs, etc.
Focused on optimization and cost effectiveness, NIKTAK provides all information on transport practicability, feasibility studies of heavy-oversized cargoes, identification of potential logistical problems and also advice on packaging and insurance.

Bulk Shipment

The term Bulk relates to dry cargoes such as Iron Ore, Grain, Coal, Alumina and Phosphate which are carried in loose with no packaging, loaded directly in the hold of a Bulk carrier. Because of the nature of such commodities usually dedicated vessels and loading terminals are requested; As NIKTAK we generate specific logistics solutions to make sure all provided adjustments would integrate your timing, loading complexity and cost saving requirements.

Break Bulk Shipment

The Break Bulk term is being used for those cargoes which are carried in unitized form such as bagged, strapped, bundles, drummed as well as non-unitized, general shipments such as vehicles, steel, pipe which is not suitable for loading in containers. We fully integrate ourselves into your operation capacity, ensuring to provide reliable service in all circumstances. When it comes to specialized transport, we guarantee optimal transportation and associated administrative management.

Heavy-Oversized Shipment

As most heavy lift cargoes are unique, risk assessment process and compliance management need very careful planning and coordination to the smallest detail. Detailed information on commodity and evaluation of loading and discharging places, are studied in the preparation phase, usually even before the contract.
Using specialists and expertise we always do our best to find the right solution for our clients, even when faced with the most complex technical and logistically challenging projects.

Project Shipments

Project shipment transport require unique engineering from equipment design to shipping plans. As NIKTAK, we focus on transportation engineering solutions from transport planning and route surveys to special permissions and escorts, we emphasis on safety, productivity improvements and innovative freight forwarding solutions.
Our global network of Project Logistics experts can plan and execute your projects from any part of the world, and even under the most challenging and infrastructure conditions.

Dangerous Goods Solutions

There are 9 classes of dangerous goods (DG) with unique characteristics and features. Shipping of Dangerous goods require special consideration since they carry destructive risks when not handled correctly. Flammable gas, flammable liquid, flammable solids, Oxidising substances, Toxic substances, and corrosive substances are only some of this classification.
As NIKTAK we are strongly committed to safety therefore our DG specialists and also worldwide expert agents are appointed to assist you in every aspect of the shipping process related to your hazardous shipments.