Niktak Food Industry

Food Industries

International Food trade has increased greatly over the past few decades. Although cultivation of crops, storage and processing of food, all have an environmental impact but thanks to more efficient methods of transportation today food travels thousands of miles to reach at the end user hands. The choice of the means of transport depends on various constraints such as cost, distance and the product nature.

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Importance of Food Transportation

Finished products and raw materials have different lifespans depending on the items to be delivered. Keeping them fresh and safe is crucial for the industry and it is important to choose the right method of transportation to maintain its credibility in meeting food standards. As a leading freight forwarder in this industry NIKTAK follows all food transportation standards to avoid any contamination and delivers each product worldwide in a timely manner.

Food Safety Transportation Standards

Food transportation should maintain food quality standards and keep a scheduled timeline to prevent food contamination specifically with easy-to-perish goods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and others. Business owners should be aware of the food transportation requirements that they need to apply for their businesses.

Vehicles and transportation equipment

NIKTAK main responsibility is to ensure all vehicles that are being used to transport food are properly designed to secure its safety and maximize the performance of each vehicle, this way we avoid any transportation delays for time-sensitive or perishable food products.

Transportation operations

As a freight forwarder we monitor all operational procedures to make sure all precautionary measures are in its correct place including adequate temperature controls, avoiding raw food to touch on ready to consume foods, loading of non-food items in the same load or previous load, and preventing cross-contact to food allergen to prevent food contamination.