Overland Transport

The use of over-the-road transportation for the international forwarders is by far the popular method of freight to Iran; as NIKTAK we design and implement logistic solutions to fit the particular demands of each shipment while maintaining the reliability and flexibility that you need, whether you ask for dry, refrigerated, bulk, out of gauge freight or heavy haulage, we provide competitive road and rail freight services from/to Iran. NIKTAK has an extensive LTL and FTL network in this route and our own fleet management combined with dedicated carriers guarantee excellent, efficient and flexible supply chain services…

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Road Transport Solutions

Road transport is a decisive mode of shipping in our industry and it forms a large part of the services we offer. As an experienced trucking company, NIKTAK’s Road Transport Solutions offer qualified drivers, a fleet of vehicles to provide flexibility, responsiveness and high capacity transportation to its clients. From standard to more personalized solutions, our goal is as much as operational excellence is as your deadline and cost constraints.

Full Truck Load (FTL Services)

In Full Truck Load Solution beside offering maximum protection by occupying the whole trailer we minimize risk of probable damages and decrease Transit Time. Our fleet of dedicated vehicles are ideal for businesses looking for haul their shipments over long distances in shortest possible time.

Less Than Truck Load (LTL Services)

Less than Truck Load solution is haulage of a smaller portion of shipments which does not occupy the whole space of a vehicle but leaves enough room for other products from different shippers. LTL Solution is the best way for cost management and an effective method of customized transportation. As NIKTAK we tailor most effective methods based on your company’s specific needs that fulfill all your requirements of a logistics system.

Multimodal Transport Solutions

To make your logistics more sustainable NIKTAK uses expertise to provide all road and multi-modal transportation and their associated logistics. Our solutions include Road, Rail, and barge as well as workflow management. We can easily manage and keep you informed of your freight flows as we optimize our tracking system step by step therefore you would be capable of following shipping progress through our Customer panel.
Our multimodal transport service designed to increase transportation capacities as well as reduce costs and faster transit times; this way seamless, flexible and secure operations are guaranteed even in large volume shipments.

Sea- Road Transport

With this type of multimodal transport, we can improve volume of loadings as much as reduction of budget expenditures. Also, Sea-Road transport solution will enhance your economic, operational and environmental performances.

Road- Air Transport

NIKTAK Logistics offers custom made, flexible multimodal solutions covering air, road and rail freight, with optimal cost-efficiency and flexibility in routing and transit times. Operating multimodal transport detailed progress and documentations can be traced step by step through our Customer panel.

Customized Transport Solutions

NIKTAK offers an extensive range of specialized transport solutions to comply your industry specific needs. Our technical expertise can organize delivery using almost any kind of specialized equipment, in compliance with the required transport rules and regulations. Customized Transport Solutions are complemented by our storage services as well as client’s loading operation mechanism providing exceptional services including Mega trailer, Reefer trailer, Open Trailer, Lowbed trailer, Bogie and even railroad tracks.