Niktak Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Our Supply Chain Solution designed to add new values to your logistics activities. our expertise helps customers improve their efficiency, profitability and their own customer satisfaction. With NIKTAK’s solutions, a supply chain can be transformed from a cost center into a strategic asset.
As your dedicated partner you’ll receive realistic solutions that align with your business strategy so you can achieve your target point. You can trust that our proven methodology and business analysis will bring more value to your business.

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Logistics and Warehousing

Through our partnership with Iran Warehouse not only we offer full logistics solutions including shared warehousing and distribution services but also provide inbound, onsite and outbound logistic services. Our warehousing, logistics and security teams with over a decade of experience are exclusively trained to manage most complex operations across Iran. Our focus on high quality shared warehouse facilities provides you with a flexible turnkey solution in an uncertain environment.

Cross Docking

Transload and cross-dock services consolidate products and then shipping straight to customer without causing any costs or delays associated with warehouse storage. Cross-docking services demand excellent communications between sellers, carriers and the service provider which NIKTAK with its practical experience and industry expertise – as well as robust IT communications infrastructure and network can design and deliver best-in-industry transloading and crossdocking solutions for its clients; That’s why some of the country’s largest companies rely on our supply chain experts.

IT Innovation

Iran Warehouse and NIKTAK considering customer’s requirements have developed a WMS software to manage all operations process including entire supply chain, transportation, customer services and returns logistics. we developed four WMS modules to suit our operation telecoms, FMCG cross dock and picking, asset storage and a fresh market WMS. These WMS are interfaced with our client’s own internal systems and allow real time access to inventory. The next module will support the management of financial and medical archives.

Temperature Controlled Warehouse

Value of the service we offer goes beyond inventory management and beyond supply chain visibility. We provide bonded and highly specialized warehousing as part of an integrated clean room or temperature-controlled supply chain. And, of course, a whole range of value-added services for manufacturers and retailers.


Perfectly complementing our warehouse, take advantage of our extensive distribution network for product deliveries to your required destination. Inbound and outbound processing with back-office support, receiving, storage, and packaging areas, LIFO and FIFO inventory management systems, all just solutions to let us manage all daily deliveries that complement ‘just-in-time’ requirements, this way we have the advantage of reducing on-hand inventory and Low-cost warehousing.

Custom Clearance (DDP- DAP) Solutions

NIKTAK custom clearance team are accredited in all Iranian Customs (I.R.I.C.A) and widely experienced in all facets of operational compliance. NIKTAK clearance team offers personalized attention on each and every shipment considering mutual benefits with our clients and further developing our long-term business relationship with them.

The most common activities undertaken include:
• Iran Custom Tariff Concession Applications
• Iran Custom Tariff advices
• Valuation advices
• Reversing custom decisions
• Submission to government reviews