Niktak Medical Industry

Medical Industries

Transportation of medical equipment requires expertise and specialized methods of transporting cargo. Therefore, this equipment is very sensitive and must be in good condition during transportation. Medical devices come in a variety of sizes, shapes and conditions (For example: sensitivity to temperature, shock and …) at the time of shipment. They are also expensive and Hard to prepare specially in shortages. Transporting medical equipment can be very tedious and complicated if you do not use specialized medical transportation services.
The medical industry has a very wide market in transportation cargo services. The most important domains of the Medical industry are as follows:

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Pharmaceutical Industries (Medicines, Raw materials, Production machines)

There are different types of Medicines: Natural, Synthetic, with different physical and chemical origins. These shipments are more fragile and more sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Some of them are liquid form and filled in glass containers. For this purpose, soft packaging materials should be used to carry the load without mechanical damage. This is especially important for raw materials because these shipment’s valves are very expensive.
About pharmaceutical production machines other than the above, the large size of the shipments is one of the main problems in transportation. Sometimes it is necessary to split these packages into smaller packages.

Medical Supplies

Medical consumables supplies and various devices that are used for medical purposes are called Medical Supplies. Fluctuations in temperature, humidity and sometimes fragility in the transport of this type of cargo must be considered. It is necessary to apply the standards notified by the manufacturers for the transport of the cargo is very important.

Medical and Laboratory equipment

High-tech medical equipment is used to treat and diagnose most diseases in hospitals, clinics and specialized medical centers. These equipments, which are very expensive, have very different shapes and volumes. In addition to complying the transportation standards of cargo, their packaging and handling also requires a lot of expertise. Repackaging sometimes has to be used to move such equipment.

Special Services for Medical Industries

NikTak is one of the well-known companies in the medical transportation industries. Many companies and manufacturers in medical industry around the world have NikTak on their transportation vendor list.
NikTak offers very innovative solutions in pharmaceutical and medical transportation by allocating a specialized department in this field, which is managed by pharmaceutical experts.
The main specialized services on transportation of drugs and medical equipment are as follows:

• Optimal and appropriate pricing by considering the best solution and the highest quality of service in the shortest possible time.
• Integrated customs services and consulting in the field of customs clearance.
• Facilitate obtaining official documents required by the FDA and the MOH.
• Selecting the best method of transportation and providing specialized services for the transportation of medical cargo.
• Customer needs assessment and finding specific solutions for specific cases by our expertise in the medical and transportation industry.
• Providing a dedicated online system for tracking shipments and workflow to customers.
• Use of hybrid solutions in providing transportation services for a shipment.
• Providing specialized insurance and safety services for all medical products.
• Provide complete cold chain (a low temperature-controlled supply chain) along the route and warehouse.
• Ability to record and send the temperature, shock and speed specifications on all routes for high sensitivity shipments.
• Warehousing services (medical products) and related administrative and legal documents.
• Complete protection of cargo in all stages of transportation as well as loading and unloading operations.
• 24/7 Support for shipping, logistics and customs consulting.